Doubles Week 6: Total Makeover!

This is it, the final week. We have 4 remaining groups and their images are amazing! We wish the groups that couldn’t make it to the end the very best!

This week we asked our partners to be bold, and change their looks in a way they would have never considered before!

Total Makeover: We want the final week to go out with a bang! Make yourself over, be different, extreme, show off a whole new you that is out of the box! Then strut your stuff in a fashion showdown with your partner. This is a head to toe makeover, try a new outfit, hair color, etc that you wouldn’t normally do or wear, then model it for us as only an ENTM model can do!

So please enjoy the pictures below, and then rank them from 1 being your favorite, down to 5 in the poll linked at the bottom! The poll will be active until Tuesday at midnight (EST)!

Xev Bellwyn and Matoko Magamitsuki – “Fashion Faux Pas”
Cowbot Ninetythree & Gangly Zilla – “Double Trouble Samurai Showdown: The End”
Malkovich Malkovich and Neisha Rayne – “Insolent fool, we are now members of Eulmore’s wealthy elite, and YOU WILL RESPECT OUR AUTHORITAH!”
Azalea Sol and Elynor Black

To see bigger versions, please go here:

Voting will close Tuesday Night at Midnight (EST)!

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