Fresh Faces Week 2 – Battle!

Hello everyone, it’s now Week Two and we are even closer to crowning a winner!

This weeks theme was Battle!! and our models were asked to do the following:

Everyone expects you to take care of the big bad, and once again this falls on you! So show us how you show them that you’re the boss in this world! Take an image of your character battling a big bad. This can be in the open world (Fate Bosses), 4 man dungeons or 4 man trials. 8 and 24 man dungeons are not allowed!

The poll has the 6 models listed, please rate from your favorite (1) to least favorite (6)! Polls will be open until Tuesday night at Midnight (EST)!

You can vote here:

Please click here to see the images larger here:

Escher Strange – Damn you Asciaaaannn!
Istolin Saillonaux
Aelyria Windrunner
Poro Pupperbean – Power is less about brute force and more about understanding your enemy.
Forthyn S’yel – “The Fourth Wall”
Khloe Jaab – Taunting dragoon.

Good Luck to everyone!