Fresh Faces Week 5 Winner

Hi everyone, Judge Katarh here! Normally I would have turned in my critiques, sat back and watched the votes roll in and be done…. but Host Kai got an unexpected gift to PAX East so she’s leavin’ on a jet plane right about now. Have fun and hand out those ENTM business cards!

Last week, Kai asked the models to go out and do the classic ENTM round of cosplay. Our models gave us a treat, including some never-before-seen in ENTM characters. But the judges and community agreed that one costume stood out just a little bit more, and that costume belonged to Forthyn S’yel for his amazing depiction of Geralt from The Witcher.

As Kai likes to say:

There is ONE MORE WEEK left in our first cycle of 2020. Due to PAX East, we will be delaying the votes for this for a few extra days, so stay tuned next week for our final round theme!

Also, if you considered being a model yourself (or have been one in the past) I’ll be posting an announcement for auditions for our next cycle SOON!