Classic Cycle 12 Cast

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for – the casting for ENTM Classic Cycle 12!

We have exactly 12 models making this a very nice and tidy little cycle for us. These models, a mixture of ENTM veterans and newbies alike, will compete for the crown of Eorzea’s Next Top – I mean, Next S-Rank Model! (Ahem. Please don’t sue us, Tyra.)

The models will be settling into their dressing rooms and given a couple of weeks to plan out the next two months. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to stay fashionable and keep posting those screen shots everywhere!

The Cast of Classic Cycle 12

Yume Aawkot of Ultros
Rymmrael Bhaldraelwyn of Lamia
Djevh’a Frehtj of Siren
Marcelloix Axios of Gilgamesh
Tattl Tael of Midgardsormr
Crystalita Miah of Moogle
Reina Nymeria of Moogle
Minne Evershot of Famfrit
Yomu Kazul of Gilgamesh
Zylra Galcian of Mateus
Elessia Sedai of Midgardsormr
Alastor Izunia of Mateus