Classic Cycle 12 Round 7 Winner

Hi everyone! Adding this via an auto drop because I’m going to be at the doctor all day today. For the challenge last week, our models were tasked with showing off some Battle Glitter and giving us a flash action shot with lots of sparkles. We got to see a lot of fun ideas with this round, since opponents were optional and it was all about the shinies instead. But we had a clear winner this week, with the judges and the community agreeing, and that goes to Yomu Kazul for his throwback vaporwave poster. Congratulations!

This looks straight out of the ’80s, as Omega’s eyeball looms from the background and our hero shows off his battle flames. The poster effect is enhanced by the limited color palette and grainy filters. I’m tempted to slap a movie title on it and print this one out. Nicely done!

FFXIV Screenshot

We have ONE MORE WEEK for ENTM’s Classic Cycle 12! Also please stay tuned for news about our next cycle, which will be opening up for auditions in the next few weeks!