Scenic Cycle 2 – Crowning of the Photographer

Wow. What an awesome adventure hosting for the first time!
Admittedly, I was a bit nervous to host my first cycle, but feel incredibly glad to have had this opportunity! It was amazing!

First— a big huge

to my judges: Aelyria, Elessia, Katarh , Rymm, and Ni’ko.
What a lucky little green lizard girl I am to have such amazing people to call friends!


A Round of Applause

to all of the photographers
:Hela, Forthyn, Amalie, Zukira, Khole, and Crystalita:
for submitting such amazing shots each week and really reaching for the themes! I am so thankful for such beautiful shots to be the highlight of my innaugural hosting cycle! You all did so amazingly well, and should be proud of all of your images! They are all stunning and I wont deny that they are all now my screen saver on my computer.

And now, without further adieu

Our winner of Scenic Cycle 2.0, and the new wearer of the Scenic Cycle Crown goes to…

Forthyn S’yel!

Your images landed in the top three each week, scoring you three firsts, two seconds and a third place. You even managed to pull a cycle first and receive first place votes from all judges for your final round with “Yggdrasil”.

In celebration, here are your images for all to enjoy once more!

We welcome all to sign up for Ni’ko’s Fabulous Runway Extravaganza! Look in announcements on our Discord for the sign up!