Runway 2 Week 8: Results

The winner of Week 8: Rainbow Connection is none other than our Rainbow of Light…

Yomu Kazul!

Despite hiding his shoulders our technicolour warrior finished up a hero’s journey with this breathtaking take on light overcoming darkness. You impressed our judges with how wonderfully meshed this outfit is, and the helpful offset of white really helps break up how dark the shot would have otherwise been. The use of a simple backdrop with offset lighting really helped to highlight the outfit here which stands out well despite the dark tones. You really told a story here, and harkened back to older generations of RPG’s with this look. You really played with all of the crayons in the box this week. And a few markers as well.

Well, my dears, we have come to the end of our competition. Well, almost. We still have a winner to announce! But who could have possibly won this cycle? In my eyes you’re all winners, because it genuinely takes a level of confidence to sign up and show that you can do your best week after week. I have sincerely enjoyed the journey as much as you all have. 

Now then, stay tuned as we crown the winner on Friday, October 30th.

Let the music play!