All Stars Round 6: Ugly Pretty

Our models know fashion up and down the block, but sometimes the best way to make a statement is to break the rules. This week our models were tasked with making an outfit that is “ugly pretty” and putting together a makeover look that would make most people cringe. Take ugly, but make it “fashion,” to paraphrase the queen Tyra.

Here’s our models showing off their delightfully hideous ensembles. (Please note that Haila has dropped out from active participation and will not be available for voting, but will continue on our back end as a judge.)

Click on each image below to view it in a larger size. Use the back button on your browser to return to this page. Then go to the bottom of this post, and vote in the Google poll! Voting will be open until 10:59 PM on Tuesday, February 16th.

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