Fresh Faces – 2021 Edition

Have you been lurking in the shadows too afraid to compete?

Well now is your chance!

Concerned you wont have a chance against the veterans?

Seriously, I am a veteran, why are you worried?

Want to risk it all for fame an fortune?

That one isn’t going to happen….

Do you want to finally cast off the shroud of doubt and join in the competition to welcome new models and gain that elusive Yellow Title of “S-Rank Model”?

Then now is your time to shine!

ENTM is now holding Open Auditions for New Models to compete in our Fresh Faces competition which begins in uh… ***checks calendar*** Three weeks!

Beginning on April 30th (first week open for public voting on May 1st), the competition will run for 6 weeks, and will be a non-elimination, vanilla cycle, open to those models who have never before competed in an ENTM competition. If you are interested in auditioning, please submit three images to me privately (discord or email – and include the following information:

  1. Character Name
  2. Server
  3. Race
  4. Main Class
  5. Three images in the following categories
    • Headshot! Must be a bust shot, so shoulders and up!
    • Action shot! Go kill something. Look beautiful while doing it!
    • Freestyle shot (with a twist!) BASE RACE GEAR GLAM. Everyone looks good in the 2B Gear, so let’s be basic!

The competition will be hosted by none other than Your Friendly Neighborhood Odharnait “Ona” Greene (who’s butt you can see above).



All of your beautiful faces!

Auditions close on Wednesday April 21st at Midnight and models will be announced on Friday April 23rd!

New to ENTM? Join our Discord and get in on the fun!