Scenic Cycle III Round 1: Wedding Venue

Welcome to the first round of Scenic Cycle III! July 30th is my wedding anniversary, and that served as the inspiration for this round. After all, in the real world, photographers are expected to take wedding photos as their bread and butter.

For this round, we asked the photographers to take a photo anywhere in the game world that wasn’t in Sanctum of the Twelve, using the Eternal Bonding frame. Each entry provided is a lovely example of a place in the game world that future couples might consider if they want something different from the stock cutscenes from the in game wedding!

Note that because Scenic Cycle is anonymously judged, we do not have community voting. However, we have our public critiques channel on Discord if you want to say something nice about any of the shots directly to the secret photographers! Critiques will also be provided by our judges for each shot each week.

Click on the center of each image to view it in more detail. Use your browser’s back button to return to this page.