Renovation Cycle Round 4: Room Structure

In the FFXIV housing design world, one designer stands out as an expert on structure and room design: Synt. His builds are meticulous in execution, flawless in form and gorgeous in design. He often creates concept builds focusing on the structure of the room such as a marvelous kitchen he created earlier this year. He challenged our designers this round to think of structure in terms of design and really think outside their normal sphere of building in FFXIV. These designers ran with the task this week and made these beautiful rooms seen below. And keep in mind, they only had 100 slots to work with! One designer, Desya, is missing but hopefully will be back next week! Once you are finished being wowed by these great builds, use the google form below to vote for your favorites!

And our beautiful guest judge this week, Destiny Seeker!

Hi everyone! My name is Destiny and I like ponies, PvP, and housing! I absolutely love housing in FF14 and have been designing since late Heavensward. I primarily am a commission designer, meaning I must adhere a lot to client requests. One of the most common is using all the floors! This is why I must challenge myself to try to create unique layouts to maximize the space. This can make even a small house feel so much bigger. I can’t wait to see what you all create. Best of luck!