Announcing ENTM Classic Cycle 13!

Do you have what it takes to be Eorzea’s next S-Rank model ?!

Classic Cycle 13

It’s time to get back to our roots and do another Classic Cycle! Cycle 13 will be a six week combination of modeling and backgrounds, with emphasis on theme interpretation , composition, and the overall “mood” of each shot. ENTM screenshots are “vanilla” to keep things fair to our PS4 participants, which means no reshade/gshade, post processing, or other editing will be allowed beyond the base game. However, every in game tool is at your disposal to make a screenshot that’ll wow our judges and our audience.

Call for Models New and Old

How does Classic Cycle work?

Each week, your host Katarh Mest will collect a screenshot on the weekly theme, submit it to our judges for voting and commentary, and provide a public poll for your friends and the general audience to weigh in. You are strongly encouraged to share this public poll with your friends and on social media.

We’ve found over the years that the public vote is the best way to break ties when our judges can’t decide.

The overall winner each week is announced, and judges will provide you feedback on your shot.

At the end of the contest, we will announce our newest S-rank model, and if the rest of the community disagreed with the judges, a separate S-rank Community winner as well.

Can I have entered an ENTM contest before?

Yes! Classic Cycle is open to previous ENTM contestants, even winners, as well as members who have never participated in any of our contests before. We encourage folks who have won an S-rank recently to consider being a judge instead, though!

How do I enter?

To enter Classic Cycle 13, you will need to send two audition shots to Katarh Mest on the ENTM Discord. These shots must have the following settings:

Shot #1: A battle or action shot that has a visible enemy and your character visibly engaged with the enemy. This can be taken in the open world, or inside any dungeon, trial, or raid. Think of your chosen monster as your co-star. 6.0 zones are allowed, but not required.

Shot #2: A head shot of your character, from the waist or shoulders up, with your character facing the camera or having their eyes look into the camera using the eye tracking tool in Gpose. This shot should be taken in any major city-state (Eorzean or otherwise** – please see a note at the bottom) with all characters besides yours hidden. This shot will also be your portrait throughout the contest. 6.0 zones are allowed, but not required.

Send the following information to Katarh along with those screenshots:

  • Your character’s full In Game name
  • Your character’s data center and server
  • Your character’s name in the ENTM discord, if it’s different from your Discord handle

Please >>>click right here<<<< to join the ENTM Discord community if you have not done so already!

Auditions for Classic Cycle 13 are open as of this posting, and will be accepted until March 9th, 2022, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. The minimum threshhold of models to hold this contest is 6. The maximum number accepted is 12. In the event there are more than 12 models, judges will ultimately decide who gets left out. That said, we have not filled an ENTM contest for a long time, so don’t be shy! Send us an audition!

Classic Cycle 13 will run from March 18th 2022 to April 22nd, 2022. We realize this may run into Patch 6.1 at some point in April, so participants will be encouraged to submit shots early if that might be a problem. (You will be given all six themes ahead of time, so you can send them to us as soon as you get them, if you want!)

Call for Judges

ENTM is seeking at least 1 judge from an outside community. We tend to be very insular, and having a guest judge provide some outside opinions is crucial to keeping us from naval gazing too much.

If you are a leader of another community dedicated to screenshots and you have strong opinions about the quality of photography in the FFXIV screenshot community, we would love to have you be our part of the team. Or, if you are a photographer, a design or costume expert, or otherwise involved in art composition, staging, etc. out in the real world, that counts too!

As a judge, your commitment will be to provide no more than six 1 paragraph critiques each week, and to cast ranked choice votes for all models every week. You are welcome to offer models to ask for additional feedback, but you are not required to answer any model questions if you don’t have time. Having this outside viewpoint enriches our contests beyond anything I could explain.

If you are able to judge, please contact Katarh Mest on Discord to discuss things further!

** In ENTM, City-states are defined as a zone locked sanctuary, with no open world monsters inside. E.g. Sharlayan, Thavnair, Limsa Lominsa, Kugane, the Doman Enclave, Idyllshire, and so forth. (Conversely, Mor Dhona does not fit this definition, as it is not zone locked.)