Round 3 CopyCat Winner!

Well wouldn’t you know it! Another round has completed!

This past week we told Alejandro to not call our names, it was a Bad Romance and we all know it. We wandered through the American Horror woods after finishing the halftime show and taking in all the Applause. It was a busy week being Gaga!

Honestly, I did not know how the judges were going to choose this week! They were all so good! Which is why I leave the judging to them and spend a full day getting ready for my favorite holiday, Samhain.

But we still needed to have a winner this week! Someone to hold the round trophy and call themselves a Gaga Imposter!

Our Winner this week is…


Damien, the judges thought your shot was Simple yet stark and contrasting and commanding!
It deserved all of the applause!

I think I really wish I would have went to her concert when it was in town…

Come back next week for a new theme, and new photos to vote for!

As always, Love from here. – Ona