May Challenge 2023 Winner

The theme for May was “My Little Monster” – a nice throwback to an ENTM contest staple. The winner for this month was Netizyn James with a timely homage to Link and his chickens (technically a monster in the context of Griffin Crossing and Battle on the Big Bridge!)


In addition: CLASSIC CYCLE 14 is finally coming! We’ve been on hiatus for about six months now due to all the hosts getting eaten alive by real life, but with Patch 6.4 out in the wild, we think it’s time to give everyone something to do that isn’t grinding out more Manderville and Splenderous weapons. Auditions for contestants and judging will be announced in the next few days.

A screenshot from FFXIV.  In the shot is a Lalafell dressed as Link from the Legend of Zelda, alongside a giant green chicken that is an enemy in the Battle of the Big Bridge trial.
Netizyn James