Classic Cycle 14 Round Six

It’s the final week of voting! I’m posting this from the Otakon XIV track (“we have Fanfest at home”) so hopefully the voting forms come through correctly.

The final week’s challenge was one of our favorite scenic style themes, Starry Sky. Our models were asked to include a starscape in any zone, any location, and thanks to Endwalker, we’ve got our first 24/7 options.

Please look at each of the images below. You can view them in closer detail by clicking on the center of the image. Use your browser’s back button to return to this blog post. Then vote for the strongest image using the Google poll embedded below. Remember that ENTM uses golf scores, so the strongest shot should be #1.

Sign in is required to prevent ballot stuffing, but no email addresses are collected. If you are having issues voting using the embedded poll, please click on this link to open it in a new tab: