CopyCat – Cycle 2 – Model Introductions!

Oh My God, We’re Back Again….


It’s been some time since a full blown cycle has occurred but we are back and so excited to launch the second variation of CopyCat! I was so excited to host it last time and even more now! The themes this time, at least in my opinion, are SO MUCH BETTER than last time! So hopefully everyone enjoys them!

This cycle will run for 6 weeks with weekly winners announced and an overall cycle winner at the end of the 6 weeks! Models will receive weekly critiques as well! If you haven’t yet joined our discord please go here –>

Please check back next week for the first week’s submissions!

But for now… let me introduce my amazing models!

Alastor Izunia – Mateus – Miqo’te

Amalie Greene – Goblin – Hyur

Damien Montclair – Odin – Au’ra

Hilde Garde – Odin – Hyur

Kimiko Naeuri – Phoenix – Hyur

Netizen James – Balmung – Miqo’te

Let’s wish our models luck and laughs! Here’s to an amazing Cycle 2 of CopyCat!

And as always, Love from here
– Ona