Doubles Week 3: Versus!

After a brief break due to weather, we are back with Week 3! Wow, we are already halfway through this cycle! Last week Malkovich and Neisha were found to be the most beautiful under the stars. But, can they battle their way to the top once again?

This week the models had to battle it out, against each other!

Versus: Sometimes the best of friends turn into enemies. Battle it out again your partner to find out who between you is the best. This is a battle between the two of you and can be done in PVP areas if needed. This image should give the feeling of a fierce battle between warriors!

So please enjoy the pictures below, and then rank them from 1 being your favorite, down to 7 in the poll linked at the bottom! The poll will be active until Tuesday at midnight (EST)!

Cowbot Ninetythree & Gangly Zilla – “Slice and Dice”
Rosalie Luvern and Astrum Luvern – “Athena and Eros – War is what happens when language fails.”
Xev Bellwyn and Matoko Magamitsuki – “Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward? -The Eorzia Edition”
Elynor Black and Azalea Sol
Malkovich Malkovich and Neisha Rayne – “Get to the weapons, use them any way you can… I know you won’t break the rules… there aren’t any!”
Blu Rose and Simple Pickle – “Stop trying to hit me and hit me!”

If you would like a larger view, you can find them here:

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