Runway Week 5: Read to Filth

In the great tradition of Paris is Burning get your library cards, because the library is open, darling! Welcome, one and all, to another fabulous week of ENTM’s Runway Cycle. This week our models were challenged to take a few key ingredients: a pair of glasses, a bottle of red dye, and a bottle of brown dye, and see what they can come up with. Head to toe ready to read the house down boots yes gawd tongue pop and other drag queen references. In all seriousness, please keep it down, because our models have spent some serious time studying up this week to bring you their interpretation of these three specific elements. So, get ready, because reading is what? Fundamental!

Remember, the only criteria this week was to wear a pair of glasses, wear something in red, and wear something in brown, and all three pieces must be separate. So, which of our models pulled off the most novel of ideas? Who read the house down? Let us know, and vote! And may the best model… win!