January Monthly Challenge

It’s a new year, and time for a new challenge! And what better theme to kick off 2020 with than with a theme celebrating a fresh start to the season?

Daiyo has selected the first theme of this year as:

New Beginnings

With such an open ended theme, anything is possible, so go out into Eorzea and give us something new to see!

As always, the winner will receive a minion or another item of similar value from the Mogstation of their choice, and can select the next month’s theme.

ENTM’s monthly challenges are open to the wider community, even if you have never participated in an ENTM contest before. Screenshots must be taking using only ingame tools, such as Gpose, without any mods or post-process editing like Photoshop. Screenshots can include player characters or be “scenic” without any characters or NPCs if desired. Screenshots can be any orientation.

To enter, join our Discord channel by >>>> clicking here <<<< and send a DM to Admin Katarh that includes your character name and the shot that you want to submit.

Entries must be received before 11:59 PM EST on January 25th, 2020.