ENTM February Challenge

For February, Kai has provided us the following theme:

On The First everyone calls us the Warrior of Darkness, so show me how dark you can really get! This is a fashion shoot, baby! Show me your best Warrior of Darkness glam and strike a fabulous pose!

So that’s it everyone – go out and take a screenshot of your Warrior of Darkness!

ENTM challenges are open to the general community and do not require an audition. Entries must be taken using the in-game engine and Gpose, but cannot use Reshade, mods, or any post processing. Must display the FFXIV copyright information someplace on the screen. Voting is done via our Community Ranked Choice system and the shots are not independently judged.

Prize: Any minion from the mogstation or item of similar value
Entry Period: February 6th through February 21st at 11:59 PM EST
Voting Period: February 22-28

To enter, please join our Discord channel >>>>here<<<< and send your entry to Admin Katarh Mest via direct message. Please include your character name if it is different from your Discord name, as that is how voting is conducted. Your entry is considered accepted once you have received a confirmation.