Fresh Faces Week 4: New Jobs!

It is Week 4 and we are getting to the end of our cycle!

This weeks theme was New Jobs and our models were asked to do the following:

It seems that every expansion that comes out, new jobs come with it! Use existing gear and weapons/tools to create an all-new job that you would love to see in-game. Give it a name, and the role it would play as well! Yes, you can make an outfit for a job that appeared in another FF game, but isn’t represented in FFXIV.

The poll has the 5 models listed, please rate from your favorite (1) to least favorite (5)! Polls will be open until Tuesday night at Midnight (EST)!

You can vote here:

And you can see the larger gallery here:

Forthyn S’yel
Job: Abjurator – Melee healer.
Weapon: Bludgeon
Khloe Jaab
A Necromancer and her skeletons.
Aelyria Windrunner
Job: Archaeologist
As an archaeologist, scour the hidden ruins and dungeons of Eorzea for ancient artifacts and tomes – but beware the dangers that lurk within!
Escher Strange
Job class: Orator
“Your mother was a goobbue and your father smelled like the inside of Estinien’s armour!”
Poro Pupperbean
Class: Mandragora Tamer [MDG] Healer
The mandragoras allow different kinds of healing depending on which one/how many are present/summoned!

Good Luck to All our models!