Classic Cycle 12 Round 6 Winner

Hi everyone! Last week’s challenge was for our models to take a mount and go get a picture while riding it. This is a scenic round with a technical challenge, since balancing out the mount, the model, and the background requires careful composition and attention to detail.

Our judges had a really tough time ranking this round, because every single shot was outstanding. But at the end of the scoring, we still had a clear winner and the community and the judges agreed for only the second time this cycle! Congratulations to Yume Aawkot for taking home the prize this week.

This shot looks like a poster straight out of my childhood. The careful use of filters allows the mount to pop right out of the background, despite the similar coloration, and the hunter themed glamour ties everything together. I think more than one of us might be adding this shot to our ENTM background rotation. Click on the picture for the full size version!

FFXIV Screenshot