ENTM Runway Cycle 2: Meet Your Host & Judges

Lights. Camera. FASHION!

We here at Eorzea’s Neo Talent Management are thrilled to kick off our latest cycle: Runway Cycle. As our models get settled in with their challenges and prepare themselves for the upcoming competition let’s take a moment to get to know our host, Ni’ko Shae, and our panel of judges.

Tumblr/Classic Cycle 11 winner and regular supporter of all things ENTM your host Ni’ko Shae puts the purr in purple. Rumour suggests a time when he had no association with the colours purple, pink, or anything in between, but such ridiculous allegations are clearly without merit. Runway Cycle is his brainchild created with /gpose beginners in mind.

An ENTM staple since 2015, Katarh is our first-ever Runway winner returning to judge this cycle. You’ll be competing for her crown, which she has proclaimed she will gladly relinquish to the one deemed most worthy. But in her own words, “Focus on the fun first!”

An avid promoter and supporter of ENTM, Ona is our Tumblr Cycle 10 Community Vote winner, frequent judge, frequent winner of our Monthly Challenge, and goddess of mythology. We all welcome her grace and wit. Or else.

A favourite of our inaugural Fresh Faces Cycle returning to judge Escher is no stranger to the glamour game. With pink hair and a penchant for silly glamour Escher is always here to keep things a little strange.

Fairly fresh to Final Fantasy XIV, Aelyria has since fallen in love with the true endgame: /gpose and glamour! After a second-place finish in the inaugural Fresh Faces Cycle Aelyria has since become a staple of the judges’ panel.

Thank you to our judges for stepping in for this competition, and thank you all for your interest and support. We’ve got eight exciting weeks of fashion to forward, so please stay tuned. Voting will begin the first week of September.

Now then. Start your engines, and may the best model win!