Runway 2 Week 5: Zero to Hero Ball: Pray Return to Your Roots

Welcome back to another week of Eorzea’s Neo Talent Management’s Runway Cycle. We here at ENTM believe nothing is more en vogue than an excuse to celebrate. And this competition is worth celebrating and more. You’re all invited to the Zero to Hero Ball! For these next three weeks our models will take us on a hero’s journey from where it all starts to wherever the shadows bring us.

This week in particular we ask our models to take us back to where it all began. A fresh-faced, wide-eyed adventurer just getting the bearings on the lay of the land. They were challenged to keep everything worn under level 30 … with a few extra restrictions to keep things fair.

It’s time to hear, feel, and think as our models go whither the wild rose blooms and shine on the Seventh Dawn.

That fateful carriage ride may have come and gone, but now it’s your turn to help determine our fledglings of Light’s fates. Vote 1 for your strongest, and 12 for your weakest, and everyone else in between.

And may the best model … win!