Runway 2 Week 6: Results

Our winner of Week 6: Grand Company, Represent! has us seeing red in a whole new way. Congratulations…

Rymmrael Bhaldraelwyn!

Our Roeg en vogue churned out another victory for herself with this take on Maelstrom pride. Our judges were loving how this outfit came together, noting the silver and steel accents that really helped this shine through. The beret was just the right touch to really top it all off. Well done.

Well, my grand company, Rymm may have snatched victory again this round, but there are still two weeks left of this cycle. The frontline is close, and we’re only now starting to see how your flag waves. Never give up, ’til sea swallows all.

Next week we have an extra special guest judge, two-time S rank model and judge of the premier Runway Cycle Malkovich Malkovich. Please look forward to it! ™

Until next time, let the music play!