Runway 2 Week 7: Zero to Hero Ball: Become What You Must

The Zero to Hero Ball enters it’s final number here at Eorzea’s Neo Talent Management. Our terrific twelve have shown you humble beginnings and new undertakings, but how are our models doing as the true champions of the realm? This week we tasked our Warriors of Light and Darkness to become what they must. To outshine, outlast, and outfabulous one another with high fashion worthy of the burdens they bear. The rules were simple: make it formal, make it couture, and rely only on items of a high level to complete the look.

From humble beginnings to grand adventures our models have grown to become beacons of hope for Eorzea and beyond. Who is your inspiration? Vote 1 for your strongest, and 12 for your weakest, and everyone else in between.

And may the best model … win!