All Stars Round 1: Ice Queens

It has begun, our very first All Stars Cycle! In honor of Forum Cycle 1 all those years ago, the first round is named Ice Queens and our models have been asked to take a shot in Shiva’s arena. Any of Shiva’s arenas. There sure are a lot of Shiva’s arenas these days, no? Specifically, we added Eden 8 as a valid location for this round, or models could take a shot in unsynced Shiva HM or Shiva Ex, or in Faux Hollows Shiva if they felt like being a masochist.

Free style, so they were allowed to play with this idea however they wanted!

Please view the gallery below. Click on the shots to make each of them larger. And then vote in the Google Poll to rank the images 1-14 based on your preferences, technical skill, composition, or whether it made you laugh or not. There are no rules because these models are all already winners and you are gonna have a tough time deciding for sure!

NEW FOR ALL STARS: These images are open for public critiques if you are a member of our Discord! Please hop over to the #all-stars-critiques channel and share your thoughts on the images! Voting and critiques will be open to the public until Tuesday January 12th at 10:00 PM EST.

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If you are unable to see the Google Poll embedded above, you can click on it at this link and open it in a browser page: