ENTM All Stars Cycle: Meet The Cast – And Judges!

Host Katarh Mest here!

All Stars cycle has been in the works for several years. After Rongi Pongi retired from ENTM, I decided not to let the idea die and developed it further. After another year or so of delays (woo 2020), the time was right and we have finally put together two glorious months of screenshots from the best of the best from ENTM.

All participants either won top three of a cycle, or won another contest from ENTM such as the Yearly Challenge, or won the fan bring back contest during an elimination cycle. Each model on this star studded list has proven their ENTM chops once already, and now they will fight for the title of the All Star Champion. A few faces have changed, and a name tweaked here and there, but we’ve got talent going back to some of our earliest forum based cycles represented.

For All Stars, the models are the judges and will be judging themselves using a secret ballot. They cannot rank their own shot, but will be asked to rank everyone else every week. 14 models, 14 judges! This will be quite different and it’s going to break my score sheet but ENTM is all about the spirit of experimentation.

The community will be tasked with putting in their votes as usual – but the tables have turned, and now the critiques are all OPEN FORUM on our Discord channel. Please be honest but be kind and give our models your very best in feedback for each of their shots. This channel will be moderated so be constructive! Models are allowed to critique each other as well, but it’s not required, so any and all feedback you can give for your favorite models each week will be appreciated.

The first round will start on January 8th!

The Host: Katarh Mest of Lamia

The Cast of ENTM All Stars 2021:

Aelyria Windrunner of Siren
Ninifipsi Fini of Shiva
Ni’ko Shae of Cactuar
Stephen Fairbrook of Balmung
Eldaena Vonxandria of Excalibur
Yomu Kazul of Gilgamesh
Rymmrael Bhaldraelwyn of Lamia
Forthyn S’yel of Adamantoise
Odharnait Greene of Goblin
Elessia Sedai of Midgard
Haila Wetyios of Balmung
Malkovich Malkovich of Faerie
Doki Kun of Hyperion
Escher Strange of Zodiark