Baby, You Were Born this Way!

Lady Gaga would be proud this week of our models and their return home to snap shots with their kinfolk.
It was awesome to see each model’s take on the theme and how they used the tight frame of the Polaroid frame to build their shot.
Some models played tricks, some danced, and some spent lighthearted hours with their kin.

But the winner of Round 1 of Fresh Faces 2 took the theme and PLASTERED it THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND! Or at least their friend did!

Congratulations to Our very own St. Pauli’s Girl…


for the shot that documented her friends drunken escapades!

What did the judges say?

“What’s great about this shot is not only is your character the star, but we also have this great scene playing out behind you.”

“The waist up was the right choice for this shot, letting your background do the heavy lifting for the story while you smile for the camera up close.”

What does Ona say?

“Ona would fully support this selfie, and probably would find herself taking the role of the drunken friend.”

Now that we have one week under our belts, the models will be submitting their Week 2 shots for review, community voting, and judging and the newest photos will be available to the public on Saturday! We CANNOT wait to see what they continue to bring to the table!

Want to join the fun? We have a discord!