It’s Gonna Be May … Freestyle!

As a grown woman who takes care of herself I still find it difficult to admit I like certain artists, and for the longest time I would struggle to say I actually liked them. I posted on my timeline a photo of my husband and had a Justin Bieber song playing in the background and my best friend tried to shame me. Well I may not have a best friend anymore, but I sure am a Bieliber!

Which brings me to this week’s theme!

I’m a Bielieber!

I’m not that much of a Bieliber…
It’s an ode to Britney!
It’s Phantoms of the Genetic Opera!
It’s a Hee hee of praise for our guilty pleasures!

It’s a week of Guilty Pleasures – Freestyle!

Models were told to MmmBop! their way into a shot where they proudly embody EVERYBODY (rock your body) of their Guilty Pleasure artist, book series, movie, or whatever would have Wingardium LeviOsa’d them into a Pit of Despair situation.

It is now the judges turn to decide whose guilty pleasure is the guiltiest.

Please also submit your community vote (1=Favorite, 10=Least Favorite) in the form below! Voting closes on Tuesday 10pm EST, with the Round winner announced by 8am Wednesday!

Let’s Let it Go! and check out the shots!

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