Be Epic… Be Memorable… Never Gonna Give You Up.

Bet you never saw that epic Rick Roll heading straight towards you with the trench coat, ginger hair, and sweet, sweet dance moves.

What you WILL see, however is the most amount of Fresh a Fresh Faces round could fit into one post! So much wow…. so much whoa…. so much Epic-ness to give Queen Bee herself telling you about Becky with the good hair a run for her crown. So many pockets Starlight wouldn’t even know what to put in them!

The models were told to go and be as epic as Beyoncé, and as memorable as Rick Astley.

And the models did not disappoint! So without further adieu, we present the final round…

Never Gonna Give You Up

Voting up until Tuesday 10pm… Round Winner Announce by Midnight!

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