Never Gonna Give You Up – Round Winner!

Holy Moly! What a competition! I am usually trusted to complete the scenic cycle because I can be super creative with the themes, so when Kat and Kai gave me the go-ahead to host Fresh Faces 2—- well, I got a little excited! But my amazing models worked with me and produced some fantastic images which frequently caused my judges to go “ugh Ona, they all did so well!”.

But with all competitions a winner was announced each week.

And like all other weeks, this week a model danced her way to a win, and with that epic studio setup, well it’s no wonder she was let into the weekly winner’s circle for a second time this competition!

So without further delay, CONGRATULATIONS to


I don’t really have words to express how epic this shot was, but it wowed the judges and landed you first place! Ona just wants to know if that was a shower in the foreground…. or did you have a friend manipulate some fancy skill to get that look?!?

Up next, the winner of the entire competition will be announced, and that elusive Golden S-Rank Title will be awarded…. I still don’t have one of those, but looking back at this competitions shots, I don’t want to go up against any of these models!