Scenic Cycle III: Meet the Judges

We’ll be meeting our photographers tomorrow, but for today we’re going to talk about our judges, who will be graciously providing feedback to our contestants each week.

Odharnait “Ona” Greene – Previous judge, host of Scenic Cycle II and most recently Fresh Faces, failed model, Challenge Winner of 2018, poet, mom friend, and avid drunk, Ona has agreed to give loving tribute to the shots each week this cycle. Welcome back Ona!

Elessia Sedai – Fat Cat Chronicles veteran and most recently Ona’s partner in crime, as well as our Challenge Winner of 2019, Elessia started out as a community judge and is now one of our MVPs on the judging and hosting team. Welcome back, Elessia!

Ni’ko Shae – Host of Runway Cycle, and winner of Classic Cycle 11, Ni’ko is temporarily back from a nice vacation in PSO2 to give the photographers some flowery feedback and prolific puns every week. Welcome back, Ni’ko!

And introducing our newest community judge, Reese Direson – A participant in Fresh Faces Cycle 2, Reese is joining us as a judge to bring us a fresh perspective to Scenic Cycle III as well. Reese has worked on set design and fabrication out in the offline world, and we’re excited to see what advice and thoughts he will bring to the table!

Katarh Mest – Your host! ENTM veteran, and winner of Runway Cycle 1, Katarh started out as a community judge in 2014 thanks to her penchant for glamour design, and became the co-manager of ENTM with Kai Ulric in 2017. Now she manages the website, in addition to hosting cycles and judging.

ENTM Presents Scenic Cycle III