Renovation Cycle Round 2: Travel to the Far East

Off the coast of Othard lies a group of isolated islands and home of the Hinghashi. On the smallest, western most island is the city of Kugane, a city with strong eastern influences. AkhRhai tasked our designers to take inspiration from Hingashi and transform their rooms to reflect this Far East aesthetic at night.

Please take a moment to look at the images below of the beautiful rooms the designers have created and vote below.

And introducing our guest judge this week, Schan!

“Hi, my name is Schan. I’ve been playing FFXIV since A Realm Reborn having been a screenshot enthusiast and consequently a gpose addict ever since it came out. I have been part of the ENTM community for years having recently participated in their landscape cycle.
I’m happy to be here as a guest judge and looking forward to see everyone’s creativity and how they tackle the unique challenges that housing presents. Looking forward to it!”