Renovation Cycle Round 3: Overgrown and Abandoned

This week Ashen Bride tasked our designers with capturing the beauty of abandonment inside their rooms by making the rooms feel alive with overgrown plant life and bathed in natural light. Each room is to reflect a build in which nature and time have taken over the structure and once again claims it as its own. Structure and light are key elements in the designs this week. As always in the Renovation Cycle, designers were limited to an apartment or FC room and the 100 slots allotted. Please take a long look at the screenshots below and vote at the end of the post to reflect your favorites. Please note our wonderful designer Killia is not featured in this round so please mark her last with a 7 in the google form.

And featuring our guest judge this week, Katarh Mest!

Webmaster of ENTM, Gpose enthusiast, winner of ENTM Runway Cycle I, and formerly of the XIV Fashion blog on Tumblr (currently on hiatus.) Katarh specializes in non TPP screenshots and stands in awe of the glitch mastery of the Housing community.