Renovation Cycle 1 WINNER!

It took a lot of effort and skill every week to design, build and tear down a room to take one amazing screenshot that conveyed the theme and wowed the judges! All of the designers grew and showed us some amazing rooms this cycle! Every single designer had real talent and unique style! AND I appreciate every one of these designers joining us for a first ever housing design contest on ENTM! I think it was a huge success! Thank you judges for your wonderful feedback and to the community for voting! It actually did come down to the community votes!

The winner of the inaugural Renovation Cycle and our new S-Rank Designer, Damien Montclair! Congratulations!

Second place AND the recipient of the community choice award having received the most community votes, Arilyn Moonblade! Great job!!!!

In third place, our beautiful Hollow Attrition! Her builds were unique and so full of detail! The community votes put her just ahead of our fourth place designer!

Please stay tuned for ENTM’s next fantasic cycle! Maybe YOU can be the next S-rank model!

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