Classic Cycle 13 Round Two: Spring Fling

It’s spring in North America, and for the challenge this week I asked our models to give us a dose of some SPRING FLING fashion. This shot is a “runway style” shot switched to vertical, with the outfit being the star and our model giving us a full look at it.

The weather is getting warmer and spring has sprung!  Give us your prettiest spring themed glam.

All eight models submitted an entry for this week! Please click on each image below to load it in full size, and then use the browser’s back button to return to this post. And then vote for the strongest in the poll below. Remember, ENTM uses golf scores, so the shot you think is the strongest should be your #1, and then on down for the week.

If you are having trouble viewing the embedded poll above, you can click this link instead to open it in a new tab: