Classic Cycle 13 Final Results

It’s been a hectic cycle for me and the judges, but our models persevered and all eight of them made it through our grueling six weeks of competition, despite new patch content and savage raiding and real life eating our faces, oh my!

All of the models making it to the final stage of the contest is a rare treat, so first I want to thank you all for your hard work and for sticking with it. Getting tough love from the judges can be painful, but we all want the best for you and for you to go out and take the most beautiful screenshots that you can.

But this is also ultimately a contest, so without further delay, here are the top three winners from Classic Cycle 13.

Third Place

In third place, with a score of 100.7, we have Neisha Rayne!

Neisha Rayne

Second Place

In second place, with a score of 90.6, we have Isillud Losstarot!

Isillud Losstarot


And our newest S-Rank model, who is a veteran of ENTM but never quite reached the top before…. with a score of 86.09, is Ninifipsi Fini! Congratulations, you are Eorzea’s next big talent!

Ninifipsi Fini

Community S-Rank

However, sometimes our judges and the community disagree. Voting was extremely tight among the community votes, with about a quarter of a point separating the top two vote getters, but the Community S-Rank is Neisha Rayne!

Neisha Rayne

ENTM will be taking a break for the month of May, aside from our monthly challenges.

Thank you all for following along with us, and keep on taking the best screenshots that you can!