CopyCat Edition – AUDITIONS OPEN

Oh my god we’re back again!
Ona here with exciting news! It’s time for a full blown cycle for EVERYONE to join! I am currently accepting applications to join me on this new (hopefully permanent) cycle!

But Ona, what is this new edition?

It’s a CopyCat cycle where you are given well known or iconic themes to “copy” but the twist is that YOU choose the scene or the image to use. Judges will decide who hits their mark the best.

But Ona, wont this leave a lot to the personal opinion of the judges?

Not necessarily.
You see, our judges are still required to base their choices on composition, theme, and glamour, with highest focus being on the composition of the image. Listen you could look exactly like Darth Vader fighting Luke in the lava fields, but if you have a Dutch Angle and no depth of field, well, you might not win that round my good human.

But Ona, what if I don’t understand the theme of the week?

Ask your friends, take to google, spend 20 hours and 18 minutes in deep contemplated review…

Ok Ona, so I am ready to join! What do you need from me?

A headshot and a freestyle shot of your choice. Please ensure that they are submitted by 10/1 (12:01am EST). When you submit your shot, I will send you the rules for the cycle.

So Ona, how long will the cycle last?

The first week of voting starts October 8th and runs for 6 weeks with the Cycle winner announcing on 11/16.

Deadline to submit your audition closes on 10/1 at 12:01 am EST.

As always, Love from here – Ona Greene