Samhain – CopyCat Round 4

We all have our favorite holiday, for me it’s always been Samhain (pronounced Sao-wen).
In Celtic tradition, Samhain begins the evening of October 31 and ends with the end of November 1. In many cultures, children dress up as ghosties and goblins to trick the fae folk into thinking they are not a human child but instead a fae. They then go around to houses and in turn, pretending to be a fae asking for a treat or threatening tricks and mischief on their homes.

Sounding familiar? That’s because Samhain is the old name for…


This week I gave the models a list of classic Halloween movies to choose from to create their copy cat image.

The allowable movies included:

Hocus Pocus
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Friday the 13th
Child’s Play
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Halloween Nightmare Before Christmas

Here are this week’s photos and poll! Vote your favorite Spooky model!

As always, Voting ends Tuesday at 12am! We will see who knew their lines best, and can walk away with best supporting image!

And as always, Love from here,