Classic Cycle 14: Call for Auditions

Do you have what it takes to be Eorzea’s next S-Rank model?

It feels like 84 years since we ran a cycle, but with Patch 6.4 out and summertime giving us all a little bit more daylight and hopefully some breathing space, we’re going to give it a shot in celebration of 9 years of ENTM! That’s right, about this time in 2014 Rongi Pongi had the crazy idea to get a bunch of models on the official forums in swimsuits off the coast of Hullbreaker Island for what turned into a multi week screenshot contest, and the rest is history.

Classic Cycle 14 will be a 6 week contest, open to veterans and new models alike. Our models will be given all themes ahead of time, but asked to keep them a secret until the week the shot is scheduled. Judging is done two ways – juried by a panel of ENTM veterans and screenshot community celebrities, and also by a popular vote that’s open to all the friends, family, and fans of the models.

Classic Cycle 14 will run from June 23rd to August 1 with a winner announced by August 2nd, 2023.

Call for Models

We are in search of up to 5-10 models for this contest. To enter, you will need a Discord account. Send a direct message to admin Katarh (now literally just Katarh thanks to Discord’s weird renaming thing) and include the following information:

  • Your Character Name and Race
  • Your Server and Data Center (ENTM contests are open to all data centers!)
  • A screenshot of your character from the waist up that will be used as your debut portrait for the contest, so make it cute with the best lighting you can muster! NO MODS AND NO RESHADE ALLOWED. Also no NVIDIA filters. You can use Gpose and the in game tools to your heart’s content.
  • A screenshot of your character in battle or an action pose, with a cool background and some kind of flashy effects (I call it “battle glitter.”) Again, no mods or reshade or Nvidia filters allowed.
  • ENTM contests are vanilla only to keep it fair to our PS4/PS5 contestants.

Auditions are open until June 16th! If we fail to meet the minimum of 5 models, the cycle will be postponed, so don’t be shy about auditioning. We love new models!

Please >>>click right here<<<< to join the ENTM Discord community if you have not done so already!

Call for Judges

I am also looking for ideally 1-2 new judges to round out the panel of ENTM veterans. If you are a screenshot community member (with serious opinions about glams and gorgeous backgrounds), or you know someone who might be a good fit for a judge (because they have serious opinions about glams and gorgeous backgrounds) please send a DM to Katarh so I can talk to you or get in touch with them!