Classic Cycle 14 Round Three – Tavern

Hello everyone and welcome back to our third week of Classic Cycle 14! We had an old theme last week to go back to our forum roots, but this week we’re introducing a brand new theme for this cycle: “Tavern.”

Our models were challenged to do a free style shot in any of the many taverns scattered around Eorzea and beyond. With no restrictions, they could choose scenic, fashion, or even an action oriented shot in this open ended theme.

Please look at each of the images below. Click on the middle of the image to view it in full size, then use your browser’s back button to return to this blog post.

After looking at every image, please rank them in order from 1-7 with your #1 being the strongest out of the bunch. (Remember, ENTM uses golf scores so the lower, the better!)

If you are having trouble using the embedded poll above, please click on this link to open it in a new tab instead. Note that sign in is required to prevent ballot stuffing, but email addresses are not collected: