Classic Cycle 14 Round 4 Winner

Battle shots are always one of the tougher rounds in ENTM – it’s so hard to balance out the character, the opponent, and the action and make it look stylish. Judges and community were all over the place with their votes (so much so that fractions of a point determined the community winner again this round) but once everything was added up, the final winner for this round was once again Val Viscera.


We’ve still got two more weeks to go, and based on the math behind each week’s scores, it’s still any model’s contest to win.

On the administrative side of things, Judge Blix is having to step down due to IRL / personal reasons and will regrettably miss the rest of the competition. Judge Escher has agreed to fill in for the remaining two weeks. Thank you Blix for your first time judging for ENTM! Hope IRL gets sorted out for you soon, for the better.

An FFXIV screenshot. An Au Ra warrior is attacking a dragon.
Val Viscera