Welcome to 2020 with a New Cycle!

It’s a New Year and a New ENTM cycle! One that has not been done since the original cycle way back in the summer of 2014!

I see all of our future talent and all of the players who follow us on Twitter and Tumblr. I wanted to do a cycle for you, so:

Have you been looking for a reason to get more involved with our Discord? Have you wanted to try out, but were a bit nervous or shy going up against others who had done it before? Have you ever hoped there would be a cycle for all-new models, showing off their skills for the first time? Or, maybe you’re just ready to toss your hat in the ring!

Well, then:

Welcome to ENTM: Fresh Faces of Eorzea

We would love to get new models involved in our cycles, and our community. So we are looking to our community who has stuck with us. Who has voted for other models and followed the cycles, but haven’t tried out! This fun, new cycle was thought up with you in mind and we hope you will join us! Look for more information in the coming weeks!

For those models who have been in a cycle before, fear not! I’m sure you are chomping at the bit to show off how fabulous you are! Kat wants to remind you, this spring ENTM: Classic will be hopping in for your enjoyment!

So here is to a Fun and Happy New Year!!

-Host Kai

To join our Discord, please use the following link: