March Monthly Challenge

Spring is right around the corner, and March’s color is green since everything tends to turn verdant all at once at some point. So for this month’s challenge, Elessia is asking for a celebration of the season with the theme:

Green, Gold, and Rainbows

So go forth and wear your spring best to welcome the end of winter and the beginning of the warmer seasons. Or find us a perfect landscape that encapsulates this theme in a unique way. You have until Friday, March 20th to submit a shot for this contest! Voting will end on March 27th. The winner gets a minion from the mog station, and will also get to choose the next month’s theme.

ENTM Monthly Challenges are open to members of the wider screenshot community, even if you’ve never participated in any ENTM contest before. However, you must have a Discord account and join the ENTM Discord, or otherwise be able to send your image in a direct message to Admin Katarh Mest. The usage of image mods, post processing edits, and Reshade are not allowed for ENTM contests, but you can use whatever in-game tools you want. Shots may contain player characters, non player characters, or focus entirely on the landscape if you choose to omit people. Landscape or portrait orientation accepted. Please have the FFXIV copyright notice someplace on your shot.

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