Announcing ENTM Classic Cycle 12

Hey models! I know a lot of our previous contestants and winners have been sharing in the joys and tribulations of Fresh Faces 2020 (which has one final week to go), but now it’s YOUR turn to take the spotlight again!

ENTM Classic Cycle 12 will be running from April to May this year. We experimented with some different cycle formats over the last 12 months, introducing our unique anonymously judged Scenic Cycle, our fashion forward Runway Cycle, and Fresh Faces for new models only. Classic Cycle is based on the format that evolved from our days in the Official Forums and then Tumblr (although it took us a couple of cycles to get there.)

  • 8 weeks of competition
  • Non-elimination (so plan to stick around the whole 8 weeks)
  • New models and previous models (including winners) are both welcome
  • No mods, edits, or Reshade allowed (to keep the playing field even for PS4)
  • Entries evaluated by a mixture of open community votes and internal judges, who are previous winners or other community screenshot experts who join us by invitation
  • Weekly critiques to help you grow and improve as a photographer

In one week, I will open up the auditions – March 8th is when it will all begin! Until then, spread the word and build yourself up a fanbase, because we’re going to find out who will be on top as the S-Rank Model for the 12th time here at ENTM!

Please >>>>join our Discord channel<<<< so you don’t miss more details!

Katarh Mest is looking out over a landscape, trying to find the next S-Rank Model for ENTM.
Katarh Mest is looking for the next S-Rank Model! Could it be you?