Fresh Faces Week 6: Makeover Finale!

Hello everyone, it is I, Host Kai!

I have returned! Thank you, Kat, for filling in for me last week! We are now on our final week of Fresh Faces, and this Saturday we will learn the Weekly Winner and our Overall Winner!

This weeks theme is:

Makeover Finale!

This is it! It’s the final week, and someone is about to be crowned the first S-Rank Winner for ENTM: Fresh Faces! For this finale, the judges want to see a complete makeover from head to toe. Anything that can be changed by the Aesthetician should be considered and don’t forget to think outside the box. Go with a look you would normally never do, be daring!

You can vote here:

You can see their original looks, portraits and favorite glams to compare, here:

And here are their Week 6 Makeovers so you can see them larger:

Good luck to all our models, and thank you for putting on an amazing cycle! :3

Escher Strange: “Due to current events in my country, my makeover is based on the national flag in protest.”
Forthyn S’yel: “What’s good about getting drunk? Why then you can get INTOXICATED!”
Aelyria Windrunner
Khloe Jaab: Dance. Love. Sing. Live.
Poro Pupperbean: A rose by any other name is just as sweet. <3
Istolin Saillonaux: “Now, bring me that horizon.”