Fresh Faces Cycle 1 S-Rank Winner!!

This is it! The final announcement! The overall winner of ENTM Fresh Faces Cycle 1!

First off, I want to thank every model who stuck it out the last 6 weeks and graced us with their beautiful images. You made it very hard on the judges, and every single one of you should be very proud of the images that you created!

I always say this, and it’s true… it’s very hard to put yourself out there to be judged. The fact that you did makes every one of you brave, and amazing! I am honored to have hosted this cycle with all of you, and want to welcome you to the ENTM Family of models!

Also thank you to the ENTM and FFXIV Community. We couldn’t do this without your support, and the community votes! We appreciate every single one of you!

Now doing polls like this, always shows interesting data. So we would like to share the Judges Pick and Community Pick. Overall, these two models got the best scores from either the judges or by the community over the last six weeks!

The Community’s Top Pick is:

Forthyn S’yel

The Judge’s Top Pick is:

Aelyria Windrunner

Now it is time to announce the overall winner! The model who will walk away with the title of Fresh Faces Cycle 1 S-Rank Winner!!

This was a very tight cycle, and there was only a 2 point difference between the top two models. It was unknown who would win until this very last week because everyone did so well, but one model did come out on top!

The Fresh Faces, Cycle 1 S-Rank Winner is…


You have a right to party, my friend! You are the cycle 1 S-Rank Winner!!

Once again, thank you to all the models that participated in this cycle. I hope to see you in future cycles!

Host Kai