ENTM Classic Cycle 12 Auditions

Hi everyone! As promised, we’re throwing wide open auditions for Classic Cycle 12.

ENTM started on the official Square Enix forums as a fun little contest run by Rongi Pongi, done in the style of a reality TV show. (Check out our archives for the available screen shots from the very first contest!) After running the contest there for several years, the hosts for Cycle 4 moved to Tumblr, as the official forums couldn’t easily handle the spam generated by the chatter! Our contest remained there until March 2019, when we launched our new website to keep our content ad-free and retain creative control of our images.

Classic Cycle 12 is the continuation of the format developed for Tumblr.

  • Non-elimination (everyone stays in the contest the whole time)
  • Eight weeks, with one screenshot due each week
  • A mixture of previous contestants, new contestants, and even winners from previous cycles – no limits!
  • Community Voting and Judged Voting combined
  • Judges critiques on a weekly basis

To Audition for Classic Cycle 12, take three screenshots in Gpose under the following rules:

  • A portrait / vertical orientation shot of you in your favorite city-state enjoying the sites. Scenic, so no battle stuff (you’re inside a city state anyway.) Include your character’s whole body!
  • A Black and White, Monotone, or Sepia colored Battle Shot, of you visibly engaged with an enemy. Weapons out! Gimme that battle glitter! Vertical or horizontal is fine for this.
  • A head shot, shoulders up, in landscape/ horizontal orientation, using any of the in-game picture frames. This will also be used as our cast announcement shot, so make sure your close up is as pretty as you can make it!

Other requirements for ENTM contests: No ReShade or mods allowed to keep things fair to our PS4 contestants. Screen shots cannot be cropped or edited in post processing (save that for Instagram.) Please include the FFXIV copyright notice on each image, per the SE Media licensing terms and conditions (the thing that lets us host their copyrighted images on our private website. )

When you have your three shots ready, please either send them in an email to eorzeasntm@gmail.com or send them in a direct message to Katarh Mest on the >>>>ENTM Discord (click to join!)<<<< While joining our Discord community is not required to enter the contest, we strongly recommend that you do join as our Cycle 12 models will have a private channel to chat – and ENTM is ultimately all about making new friends!

Auditions are open from March 8th to March 21st. The cast will be announced on or around March 22nd.

ENTM Classic Cycle 12 will run for 8 weeks from April 3rd to May 22nd. If you are auditioning, please either plan to submit shots early for weeks you’ll be out of town or busy, or otherwise make arrangements to have them submitted on time. Missing one week won’t disqualify you, but if you miss two weeks you’ll be withdrawn from the contest.

Models are also asked not to use a Fantasia for the duration of the contest. All changes in makeup and hair permitted by the aesthetitian are allowed and encouraged!

Prize: Bragging rights. The winner receives the title of S-Rank model. (For those folks more interested in contests with prizes, we run a monthly challenge that does not require an audition. Join our Discord to learn more.)