Classic Cycle 12 Round 8 – Crystal Makeover

Welcome back for our final round in Classic Cycle 12! All twelve of our models have made it to the finish line, which is a huge accomplishment. Be proud for sticking it out until the end and never missing a shot – persistence is always the key to winning ENTM.

The models have spent the cycle showing us who they normally are, so this is the round to show us something different! Crystal Makeover is one of my favorite rounds in ENTM. For this round, the technical requirement was “Must use the band make up from the aesthetician and also have hair different from audition headshot.” Of course, the shot should go beyond just shock value and also be good on its own merits.

Here’s our beautiful models showing us their new looks for this final round. After looking at the gallery, rank the images in the google poll below, with the strongest at 1 on down to number 12.

If you are unable to see the Google Poll above, please >>click this link to view it on the Google Poll Website.<<

Voting will be open until Tuesday, May 26th at 11:59 PM EDT!